3M 06525 1/4" x 60 Yard Precision Masking Tape

3M 06525 1/4" x 60 Yard Precision Masking Tape

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Contains one roll of 3m 06525 Precision Masking Tape
  • Prevents seepage and edge bleed with waterborne and solvent paints
  • Thinnest 3M tape for automotive won’t leave high paint edges, great for two-tone jobs
  • Semitransparent for better visibility
  • Acrylic adhesive provides excellent UV resistance
  • Even adhesion allows taping over fresh paint sooner with less chance of imprinting


3M Precision Masking Tape is excellent for critical edge paint performance, helping auto body painters produce sharp paint lines using solvent and waterborne paint systems. Its ultra thin paper backing helps produce very low paint edges, yet its strong enough to pull through layers of color and clear coat. The tape is ideal for two-tone separation, bumper black out areas and back masking.

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